Difference Between Deep Base vs Medium Base Paint

Base paint application is fundamental for any painting work. It is a medium to make the paint more accurate. In the traditional sense, we can’t call it painting. It is available in different types. It is entirely different from regular paint. It includes a white pigment. We split the base paint based on white pigment. Deep base and medium base are the division of base paint. Do you want to know about deep base vs medium base paint?

Do you know what base paint is? Obviously, you know. You are here to learn more about deep and medium base paint. In this article, you can explore the information on deep base and medium base paint. Are they white or not? What is the tone of base paint? Everything we will discuss shortly in this article. So, stay tuned.

Different Types of Base Paint

Do you know there are four phases of base paints? The four kinds of base paints are deep, light, or medium base. They are Base 1, Base 2, Base 3 and Base 4. The level of white pigment becomes lower from base 1 to base 4.

  • Base 1: It has most white pigment than the other three. It is the best choice for white or brighter colors.
  • Base 2: It has a little bit less white pigment from base 1. It also provides a brighter or white color. It is slightly darker than base 1, but both bases 1 and 2 offer lighter results.
  • Base 3: You may think base 3 provides a dark tone, but it does not. It gives a darker color tone than base 2, but it is an ideal choice for mid-toned paint. Mid-toned paint means not so bright and not so dark.
  • Base 4: Base 4 contains the least amount of white pigment. Its color is almost transparent, and it is dark paint.
deep base vs medium base paint

These four paints have their characters to make different color output. It is entirely the user’s preference which appearance of the base paint he likes to apply in his painting. In the next section, we will introduce you to bases 3 and 4 because our main topic is medium and deep bottom paint.

Pro Tip: While painting different colors, we get confused about which paint brush we should use. Most have problems with watercolor brushes. Then you should know whether you can use watercolor brushes for acrylic painting.

What Is Deep Base Paint?

The deep base paint is a harder or darker version of base paint. It comes with white pigment like other base paint, but the amount of pigment is minimal. It has less titanium Di-Oxide than medium-base paint.

That’s why its intensity feels like a dark surface. You will get more saturated, vivid, and dark colors with the help of deep base paint. 

Prestige Exterior Paint

The whiter makes the paint brighter. On the other hand, the low white pigment in deep base paint gives you a messy consistency. You can make the paint richer and darker by adding it. You can also tint the light colors to lighter ones. Prestige Exterior Paint is one of the best deep base paints. It is 100% ultra-premium acrylic latex paint and works as a primer.

It will be considered an easy task whenever you try to make paint brighter or lighter. But making a dark tone over a surface is a tough job. In most cases, people mix multiple paints to make them dark.

deep base paint

In that case, the chances of getting 100% accurate color are significantly less. The deep base paint is used to provide 100% exact dark color. There is no limit to using it. You can apply a coating over the coating until you get your desired dark tone.

What is Medium Base Paint?

To create darker paints, we need deep base paint. If you love to apply a mid-tone in the paint, medium base paint should be your choice. The white pigment here is not too dark or too light.

medium base paint

It exists between a medium level. It contains more Titanium Di-Oxide and white pigment than deep base paint. 

Behr Premium Plus Medium base paint

It contains a medium amount of white pigment. It gives a deeper shade because it produces a hue of both dark and light colors. There are many places in our house where dark color won’t suit. Medium-base paints are used in these areas. Whether you agree or not, this base paint rules in our place.

Homeowners’ favorite base paint is this. Behr Premium Plus Medium base paint is our top-most favorite mid-tone base paint. It is excellent for ceiling and wall paint.

Deep Base vs Medium Base Paint

Here is a comparison table between the deep base and medium base paint. You can check the key differences from this comparison table. If you are in a rush, you can mark your requirements on the table and pick your desired base paint. 

Medium Base PaintDeep Base Paint
Produce a mid-color between dark and light.Produce dark color.
More Titanium Di-Oxide than deep base.Less Titanium Di-Oxide than light and medium base paint.
More white pigment than deep base paint.Less white pigmentation than all base paint.
Relatively durable and stain resistant.Resilient to abrasion and remove any dirt or stains.
Provide a smooth and decent saturated color.Provide dark, smooth and vibrant color.

Should I Use Tint with Base Paint?

Tinting is the most crucial part of applying base paint. It helps to get actual color whatever base paint you use, medium or deep. We use base paint to achieve a shade of color. Without tint, it is not possible. Where the tinted surface looks good, the un-tinted surface is noticeable.

However, if you use white without any hue or extra color, you will see the color at the bottom of the surface. As a result, there is no effect on what is under the paint.


What are the key differences between deep base and medium base paint?

Deep base paint offers vivid, dark colors with minimal white pigment, while medium base paint creates mid-toned colors balancing light and dark.

Why is tinting important when using base paint?

Tinting is vital as it adds color to base paint, ensuring your chosen hue and effective coverage.

How can I decide whether to use deep base or medium base paint for my project?

Your choice depends on your desired color; deep base for very dark tones, medium base for mid-toned shades – consider your project’s aesthetic and color scheme.

Can I mix deep base and medium base paint to achieve a custom color?

Yes, you can mix deep base and medium base paint to create a customized color. Experiment with different ratios to find the perfect shade that suits your project. Keep in mind that the final result will be a blend of the characteristics of both base paints.

Final Word

Ultimately, the clash of deep base vs medium base paint is finished. We have tried our best to highlight the comparisons easily. It is easy to lighten the color of the paint because you must add white paint to the colored paint. Deep base paint reduces painters’ guesswork, protects them from catastrophic consequences, and wastes or damages the paint. Now, it is your time to choose which base paint you choose for your home décor.

If you are confused about choosing between these two base paints, this article can give you a basic idea of the features and characteristics of medium and deep base paint. We just try to make decision-making easier. If you find this article helpful, share in the comment.

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