BEHR Paint Vs Sherwin Williams Paint: Which Brand of Paints Is The Best One?

The practice of decorating your home with paints involves aesthetic decisions. This aesthetic term runs from the Egyptian era. We all have seen in ancient history how Romans and Egyptians decorated their home with paint. A professional painter can run his own painting business, specializing in interior and exterior house painting. 

So, choosing professional paint is very important. Thanks to Behr paint vs Sherwin Williams to introduce them as the most significant competitor for professional painters. Behr paint and Sherwin Williams are two top paint brands on the market.

Both have a wide range of paints for interior and exterior home decoration. And this article will be a great comparison between these two house paints. Keep reading; you will enjoy it.

How to Choose A Paint Brand for Home Decoration?

There are many aspects to help you in deciding while buying paints. In this article, we will cover most aspects of Behr and Sherwin Williams; choosing a good paint brand to decorate your house is essential. There are also many good paint brands, but all their products are not good. 

BEHR Paint Vs Sherwin Williams Paint

Behr and Sherwin Williams are the great brands and the most popular among professional house painters. That’s why we pick them. But this short guide will help you to select the best paint brands within a short time, and the good thing is that you don’t need to be professional.


Before purchasing paint, you should consider two key questions: How well does the paint cover the walls, and how easy is it to use? If a paint coat requires minimal effort for application, it indicates better coverage. This not only allows for smooth and fast brush strokes but also contributes to time savings.


Durability checking is the best way to check the paint quality. You don’t want unexpected food splatters in the kitchen or paint rubbed off the walls while trying to clean marks off the walls of your kids’ playroom. A good quality, durable paint will stick to the wall and provide better protection. It gives you the peace of mind that you won’t need to paint again soon.


Paint brand reputation works like user reviews. The more important the brand has the more positive user reviews it has. Paint brands like Behr and Sherwin Williams have earned a good reputation for their quality paints. They are well known for interior and exterior home paint. 

This reputation brings this brand of paints to the fore as they are recognized as qualified and well-known paint providers. Sometimes, brand paints cost more. But if you want a durable, easy-to-use, environment-friendly product, you must spend more. There is nothing wrong with it.

Behr Paint vs Sherwin Williams

You must be confused if you decide to buy a branded paint between Behr and Sherwin Williams. Since both are good brands and both make ultra-premium paints, you just need a comparison of Behr paint vs Sherwin Williams. Many questions will come to your mind about these two brands; How much coverage does Behr paint provide, is Sherwin Williams paint good, how to buy them, are they expensive, and more.

BEHR Paint

In this comparison, you will get all the answers to your questions. And we also recommend you some of the best paints from Behr and Sherwin Williams. Before that, let’s dig into the comparison section.

Behr Paint

Behr has been Home Depot’s house brand since 1978 and is often compared to Benjamin Moore’s paint quality. It is usually prominently displayed on the best shelves because it is house paint.

It is famous for its premium ultra-paint as some of its paints are the thickest on the market, thus offering a strong coverage.

BEHR Premium Plus paint and primer in one is a great home interior paint. It contains both paint and primer. BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Enamel Exterior Paint is a great white satin paint for your exterior.

What We Like about Behr Paint

  • Provide better coverage with only a few coats.
  • Not an expensive paint.
  • Cover any discoloration, stains.
  • Easy to access.
  • Wide varieties of paint.

What We Don’t Like about Behr Paint

  • Hard to clean.
  • Matte drips when applied using a brush or roller.
  • Moderate durability but enough.
  • Not all paints are high-quality.

Sherwin Williams Paint

Sherwin Williams was founded in 1866. Their paints were very high-quality, so they are considered a premium paint brand. Sherwin-Williams has multiple company-operated stores and a presence in home improvement stores. So, you notice convenience while whopping their paints.  

Sherwin Williams Paint

They invest heavily in research and development to bring new paint with more unique features. They don’t believe in regular rules. So, they always try to make surprising paint formulas to break regularities. 

Sherwin Williams Resilience Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint can be a great premium paint choice for your home’s exterior. And we choose Sherwin Williams EcoSelect Zero VOC formula with spatter resistance to paint your home’s interior.

What We Like about Sherwin Williams

  • Highly durable paint.
  • Easily accessible.
  • Premium quality paint.
  • Advanced color matching.
  • Maintain product development.

What We Don’t Like about Sherwin Williams

  • Very expensive.
  • Need a long time to dry.
  • Lower touchup blending.

Here, we have only included home paints. We have many articles about car painting. You can check those if you want to repaint your car. But sometimes, you may need to remove car paint. We suggest you try Goof Off paint removal.

Behr Paint Vs Sherwin Williams Comparison Table

Behr PaintSherwin Williams
Bahr paint has good adhesion.Sherwin Williams paint has great adhesion.
Behr paints are very thick.Sherwin Williams’s paint is not thick like Behr.
It has moderate durability.It is highly durable paint.
It is not costly.It is expensive.
Its drying time is not fast.It dries fast.
Cleaning is harder than Sherwin-Williams.It is easy to clean.
It has 1400+ different colors.It has 1700+ different colors.


Is BEHR or Sherwin Williams paint more affordable?

BEHR paint is generally more budget-friendly than Sherwin Williams paint. While both brands offer quality paints, BEHR provides a cost-effective option for those looking to save on their painting projects.

Which brand offers better paint coverage, BEHR or Sherwin Williams?

Sherwin Williams tends to offer better paint coverage compared to BEHR. Sherwin Williams paints are known for their exceptional adhesion and durability, providing comprehensive coverage with fewer coats.

Are there specific paint lines from BEHR and Sherwin Williams that are highly recommended?

Yes, both BEHR and Sherwin Williams have standout paint lines. BEHR Premium Plus and Sherwin Williams Resilience are excellent choices for home interior and exterior painting, respectively. These lines offer a balance of quality and affordability.

Are there eco-friendly options in both BEHR and Sherwin Williams paints?

Yes, both BEHR and Sherwin Williams offer low or zero VOC paints, promoting healthier indoor air quality. BEHR emphasizes sustainability in its formulations, while Sherwin Williams provides an environmentally conscious choice with its EcoSelect Zero VOC formula. Considering these eco-friendly options can guide your decision based on both performance and environmental impact.

Final Word

This is the final point, where we will pick one between Behr paint and Sherwin Williams. This was a tough competition. In terms of quality and durability, Sherwin-Williams is the winner, obviously, but it is expensive, right? Everybody does not want to buy ultra-premium paint. 

So, if you mind spending, Behr paint is for you. Otherwise, Sherwin-Williams is the ideal choice. Because Behr paint is no match with Sherwin-Williams in terms of durability, consistency, performance, and experience, that’s why Sherwin-Williams is our choice, even if it is expensive. Don’t forget to tell us what you decide to choose.

3 thoughts on “BEHR Paint Vs Sherwin Williams Paint: Which Brand of Paints Is The Best One?”

  1. I painted two rooms 10 years ago. I remember my painter also preferred Behr. I’m about to repaint and I went straight for Behr.

  2. When I moved into my first place I used SW. The paint looked great even after 5 years. I used SW Super paint by the way.

  3. I have been painting for 25 years…as a commercial painter I have used Sherwin Williams every day for years and we always needed to prime then 2 coats or more depending on what shade we are painting over but that is great for us that work hourly since we had to do at least 3 coats…but when I started painting on my own I always always used marquee and I never primed anything (since it had primer in it) and it was guaranteed 2 coats never ever in all these years have I had to paint more than 2…and it didn’t matter what color I was painting over…l love marquee and looking forward to trying the dynasty tomorrow.

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