How Much Is A Bob Ross Painting Worth?

How much is a bob ross painting worth? The answer depends on who is buying the painting.  A Bob Ross painting can be worth a wide range of prices. It depends on the artwork’s age, condition, and scarcity. Bob painted three paintings in each episode for 403 episodes.

Bob Ross’s paintings can range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Rare Bob Ross paintings have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The common works can range from $500 to $3,000. The value of a Bob Ross painting also depends on the condition of the painting.

Bob Ross Painting Kit: All You Need To Know

Bob Ross was an American cult artist known for his popular painting lessons. The Joy of Painting host Bob Ross now has his range of Bob Ross painting Kits. This complete set has everything you need to create beautiful artwork. It includes paints, brushes, a painting knife, and a canvas.

Bob Ross’s painting kit is to help beginners to learn the techniques of painting. You can use it from basic strokes to more advanced techniques. It includes instructional DVDs and books to help you understand the basics of painting.

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What is Bob Ross’s Painting Worth?

How much does a Bob Ross painting cost? How much is an original Bob Ross painting worth? Let’s find the correct answer.

Let’s find some of the original bob ross paintings worth. Generally, a miniature painting with a simple landscape or seascape scene from Bob Ross’s paintings can be worth anywhere from around $500 to $2,000. If the painting is larger and has more detail, it can be worth up to $10,000. And do you know what the most surprising thing is? One painting from the artist recently sold for over $100,000. How will someone define it?

how much is a Bob Ross painting worth

Joan Kowalski, who owns the Bob Ross Inc, said that she has seen original Bob Ross paintings sell online for $8,000 to $10,000 in recent years. So the value of Bob Ross’s painting is much higher than expected.

Most Expensive Bob Ross Paintings

The most expensive Bob Ross painting is “Row Boat on the Beach” till now. The value was approximately $95,000. It was created in 1992 on season 24, episode 10 of the TV show The Joy of Painting.

Now let’s discuss the value of Bob Ross’ original paintings:

Mountain Waterfall: Ross creates it on the TV show The Joy of Painting. The painting shows a mountainous landscape with a classic Ross waterfall in the foreground. 

Mountain Waterfall (1980):

MediumOil on canvas
Dimensions (cm)60.9 x 45.7
Where It Is HousedPrivate collection

Towering Peaks: It is an original Bob Ross painting created in 1980. It first appeared in the first episode of season 10 of the TV show The Joy of Painting. Rendered with finer detail he made it with trees. Towering Peaks sold it by $17,950 on Modern Artifact.

Towering Peaks (1980):

MediumOil on canvas
Dimensions (cm)45.7 x 60.9
Where It Is HousedPrivate collection

Winter Moon: It showcases a blue overcast winter set in Alaska. It primarily focused on the illumination of the snow by the moonlight. The landscape featured in the first season of Ross’ television show. It was one of the first few snowy Alaskan landscapes that Ross created on-screen.

Winter Moon (1983):

MediumOil on canvas
Dimensions (cm)45.7 x 60.9
Where It Is HousedPrivate collection

Meadow Lake: It creates with acrylic paint that offers the same visual quality as that of Ross’ other oil paintings. It features a gorgeous arrangement of trees and greenery surrounding the edge of a lake. It also finds along with a smooth reflective surface in the water.

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Meadow Lake (1982):

MediumAcrylic on canvas
Dimensions (cm)45.7 x 61
Where It Is HousedPrivate collection

The Old Water Mill: The Old Water Mill is one of the rare Bob Ross paintings. It features a man-made structure that was created in Ross’ Neo-Realist style and showcased his traditional approach to landscape painting. While highlighting the man-made textural of the old mill.

The Old Water Mill (1984):

MediumAcrylic on canvas
Dimensions (cm)45.7 x 61 x 2.5
Where It Is HousedPrivate collection

Northern Lights: This original Bob Ross painting was listed on eBay with its owners selling the work for $88,000. These northern lights illuminated during a winter evening set against a backdrop of frosted mountains. A snow-covered cabin, a frozen lake, and frosted trees make the painting so beautiful.

Northern Lights (Original, Signed) (1980):

MediumOil on canvas
Dimensions (cm)30.4 x 45.7
Where It Is HousedPrivate collection

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Why Does Bob Ross’s Paintings Prices Are Scary?

Ok, this brand has no complaints about Bob Ross’s paint quality. Since the product price is very high, you can be assured that you are getting the most high-end painting in the market. But as a painter, is Bob Ross’s painting price justified? You can share your opinion. Here we are giving ours. 

Bob Ross's paintings

As we know, Joan Kowalski owns this painting brand, and he does not do business like others. Bob Ross’s paintings are scarce in the market because of him. He only produced a limited number of paintings due to his prolific painting style. He was primarily a television personality and instructor. He only painted during his television show, The Joy of Painting. 

So, what we find may sound similar to your thought. Selling Bob Ross’s Painting is not his primary business. It’s his passion, and the value of passion is unthinkable. His works are rare and highly sought after by art collectors. That’s making them scarce in the market. 

By the way, he painted mostly landscapes and wildlife in a very specific style, which is not as popular today as it was in the 80s. Just reminding you that we can help you with making specific colors. Didn’t believe our proposal? Then, you should check out this short blog on how to make grey paint.


What’s the Price Tag on a Bob Ross Painting?

Curious minds want to know: how much does a Bob Ross painting cost? Well, that’s a bit like asking the wind for its favorite direction. The value of these art pieces can sway wildly, depending on things like age, condition, and rarity. Dive into the details to understand why owning a piece of Bob Ross’s legacy can run from a few hundred bucks to a small fortune.

Why Does the Value of Bob Ross Paintings Send Shivers?

Wondering why some Bob Ross paintings have price tags that could make you shiver? Turns out, it’s a tale of passion, scarcity, and legacy. Get to know why these artworks are as elusive as a forest breeze, and how their unique history and limited availability play into those sometimes spine-tingling numbers.

Can You Really Put a Price on a Bob Ross Painting?

Can you put a price on the serene landscapes that swept us into calm on TV screens? The answer: kind of, but not quite. The value of a Bob Ross painting is as varied as his happy little trees. From hundreds to hundreds of thousands, it’s a journey through art, passion, and the market. So, can you put a price on it?

Are there any specific factors that contribute to the value of a Bob Ross painting?

Indeed, several factors influence the value of a Bob Ross painting. The age, condition, and rarity of the artwork play pivotal roles in determining its worth. Additionally, the subject matter, size, and level of detail can also contribute to the varying prices seen in the market.


The answer to how much a Bob Ross painting is worth depends on who the buyer is. Everyone cannot afford this paint, and without fancy belief, nobody dares to buy such paint.

However, as we said, many fancy people around us may simply look for a high-quality painting to hang on their walls. The Bob Ross painting product range provides a great solution for them. It is certain that Bob Ross’ legacy lives on in the passionate painting of his many fans.

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