Can You Leave Paint in Airless Sprayer Overnight

So, do you want to leave paint in airless sprayer overnight? No doubt, you can because it is the most common method to store paints among professional painters. You can do it when you use the same paint the next day. Otherwise, you have to clean the sprayer first. 

Theoretically, the answer to the question, “can you leave paint in airless sprayer overnight?” is no because the storing time may vary based on different conditions. And practically, paints can sit in a sprayer for a while. So, we don’t need to clean the airless paint sprayer immediately. Altogether, you can take a big lunch break. 

But how long can we leave paint in airless sprayer? Why does paint storage depend on various conditions? Let’s make everything clear.

When Should I Clean The Paint Sprayer?

Cleaning the paint spray gun after every painting is the best practice. But we don’t need to clean them immediately because no painters change the paint of the sprayer fast. However, if you want to apply a second coat over paint, you need some time so that the paint can dry. So, generally, we don’t need to clean the sprayer immediately. 

can you leave paint in airless sprayer overnight

Now the question is, what is the suitable time to clean sprayer? Since paint can survive a few times inside the sprayer, you don’t rush to clean it. You can wait between the paint coatings. This is when you want to apply a different coat with the same sprayer. You don’t need to clean the sprayer to apply the same coat.

While applying the same coat after drying, you can just let the paint sit in the sprayer and use it. You can use the same paint without cleaning spray maximum of 3 days if properly stored. Here we will tell you how to store paint in a sprayer.

How to Let The Paint Sit in The Airless Sprayer?

You can keep the paint on for a minimum of 3 days but letting it sit is not the right way. There are some safety measures that you need to take care of. Otherwise, the paint will dry, and you will not be able to use it again. If you ignore these safeguards, paint can block spray gun nozzles and other mechanisms.

  • Release the pressure of the gun.
  • You have to remove the cap so that paint does not dry.
  • Also, keep the end of the tube in the water so that paint does not dry.

Thus, you can store paint in the sprayer for 1 to 4 hours. This is not a proper paint preservation method. Long-term paint storage in airless sprayers requires some additional precautions. Check the next steps if you want to leave the paint in the airless sprayer overnight.

How to Leave Paint in Airless Sprayer Overnight

If you want to use the same paint the next morning, you can leave the sprayer overnight without cleaning. If you clean the spray, it will be good, but we don’t force you because it is a general rule. But what if you need to use new paint the next day and you want to store it in a sprayer overnight? 

Here you need to clean the sprayer and then follow our steps to store it. This way, you can leave paint in airless sprayer overnight. Professionals use this method to store paint from 3 days to 3 months. You need a Pump preserver to clean mineral spirits. Cleaning is essential in this case. You will now easily understand why cleaning is important.

There are mostly two types of paint we have noticed to use in spray painting; latex and oil paint. You can leave latex paint in the sprayer for a maximum of 4 hours and a minimum of 1 hour. On the other hand, you won’t face any problem with oil paints from 6 to 24 hours without cleaning the gun. Those times are accepted in normal humidity conditions. The life shells can change based on humidity. 

Many clients ask, “How long can I leave paint in an airless sprayer?” Hopefully, they get a suitable answer. So, you cannot leave latex paint overnight without a cleaning sprayer. It dries quickly. When you use oil paint, you can leave it in the spray gun overnight, even a full day. That means cleaning is the most suitable choice to leave paint in airless sprayer overnight. That’s why it is highly recommended.

Can We Leave Airless Paint Sprayer Between Coats?

Airless spray guns can handle thick paint easily. Whether paints cannot sit a long time in a regular paint sprayer, an airless sprayer has less risk of damage. If you leave paints in it between coats, there is nothing to worry. Your paint will be absolutely fine. Some may not want to clean it, which would be wrong.

You have to maintain well the airless sprayer and cleaning is necessary to ensure top-class painting works. Since it can handle paints better, you can also leave an airless sprayer overnight between coats. The paint inside it won’t change or damage the spray gun.

leave paint in airless sprayer overnight

Some painters keep the sprayer in a water bucket overnight. This won’t dry the paint and cause any blockage or damage. You can also wrap the sprayer with a wet cloth. Both of these are very easy ways to keep paints thin overnight. 

However, the sprayer can damage even after taking essential steps if it is a low-quality spray gun. Products like Graco Airless Sprayer could be better during these tricky painting jobs.

Do Airless Sprayer Waste Paints?

No doubt, airless paint sprayers are more popular than regular sprayers. But the problem is the amount of paint it wastes. Spray guns waste a minimal amount of paint in every job. But an airless sprayer wastes 40% more than that. You may waste more paints if your hand is not professional enough to handle an airless sprayer. 

However, while using an airless sprayer, cover the essential items of the room, especially smoke alarms, because paints can set off Carbon Monoxide detectors.


Can I leave paint in an airless sprayer overnight?

Yes, you can leave paint in an airless sprayer overnight, but it depends on your specific situation. If you plan to use the same paint the next day, you can leave it in the sprayer overnight without cleaning. However, if you need to store the sprayer with paint for a longer period, cleaning and proper storage become essential.

How long can I leave paint in an airless sprayer without cleaning?

The duration you can leave paint in an airless sprayer without cleaning varies with the type of paint. Latex paint can typically be left for a maximum of 4 hours and a minimum of 1 hour. In contrast, oil-based paints can be left for up to 24 hours without cleaning, depending on humidity conditions. Always consider cleaning for overnight storage to avoid paint drying and clogging the sprayer.

Are airless paint sprayers more efficient than regular sprayers?

Airless paint sprayers are popular for their efficiency and ability to handle thick paints. However, they may waste more paint than regular sprayers, approximately 40% more. Proper technique and experience are essential to minimize paint wastage. Additionally, when using an airless sprayer, take precautions to protect sensitive items in the room, such as smoke alarms, as paint can set off carbon monoxide detectors.

Final Verdict

For optimal results, it is advised to wait four to six hours before applying the second coat, allowing ample time for the initial coat to thoroughly dry. Consider employing an airless sprayer, as suggested by professionals, to bypass the need for frequent spray gun cleaning between applications. Notably, the convenience extends to leaving paint in the airless sprayer overnight. When storing airless sprayers, prioritize indoor storage to mitigate humidity-related concerns, and ensure all pressure is released before storing to maintain equipment integrity.

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