How to Paint Baseboards Before Installing

This guide will help you to paint baseboards before installing. Painting baseboard is a part of improvement that enhances your interior’s beauty. Painted baseboards will help to brighten up the space like anything else. We assure you that the painted baseboard creates another level of attraction for visitors. You have to place the baseboard in your room perfectly. But you must know how to paint baseboards before installing.

Baseboards show a tendency to wear and tear before other areas. That’s not a big deal because they are affordable and can be painted anytime. A color coat over it can go a long way to help you to feel new again. Get ready to prepare your tools.

By the way, you can use both water-based and oil-based paint on the baseboard. There is no restriction.

Why Should You Paint Baseboards Before Installing?

There are mixed answers to this question. Some experts recommend painting the baseboard before installing, and some recommend installing after painting. People are sometimes confused by two suggestions. Now, we will tell you why you should paint it before installation. There are some benefits to installing a baseboard –

  • Easy to apply paint before installing.
  • It dramatically increases the speed of painting.
  • You can easily use a paint roller or brush.
  • There is no hassle in getting paint on the wall or floor.
  • You can keep your hands steady and stable.
  • This is a good paint brushing technique.

After painting, the baseboard is quite easy to install in any area. You can simply fit the baseboard to the wall and fill in any gaps in a short time. You don’t need to be afraid of mixing paint on the walls.

We think it is a really practical concept to install a baseboard. You don’t get these benefits if you paint it after installation. That’s why we advocate installing baseboards after painting.

How to Prepare a Baseboard for Painting?

Before painting, you must prepare the baseboard to draw smoothly through it. It would be a great pleasure for you to list each step before painting for baseboard, woodwork, and trim. Baseboard paint preparation is completely different from walls and ceilings. You need different items.

However, it would be like pro-level woodwork. So, if you have prior knowledge about woodwork like door covering or making crowns, you will find it easily.

Here are the tools you need to prepare the baseboard –

  • A vacuum.
  • De-greaser.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Rags.
  • Razor or knives.
  • Primer.
  • Masking tape.
  • A bucket of soapy water.

Don’t wonder about finding what you need to prepare a baseboard. Arrange all the tools we have included. We often think of an important item in the middle of work. Many people make such mistakes. But it would be best if you did not make such mistakes. Take your list, go to a hardware store and collect all necessary items.

Here is the procedure to prepare the baseboard – 

  • Check for any big dings.
  • It has then prepared the dings.
  • Repair spacing compound.
  • Smooth it with sandpaper.
  • Vacuum the baseboard.
  • Wipe out the dirt using a wet wipe rag.
  • Let the baseboard dry and again vacuum it.
  • Attach painter tape on both edges of the baseboard.
  • Get the tape as close as the trim without overlapping.
  • Also, prepare the area for baseboard paint.

We all know what to do when preparing a place before painting. Since you need to use masking tape here, you must know how to keep paint from bleeding under the tape. It will help you while taping the baseboard and paint on it.

How to Paint Baseboard

Now we will go through a short and easy guideline to help you paint the baseboard. Prepare your baseboard before going through the next section.

Buy an oil-based paint

First, buy oil-based paint. We love hammered paint which is made with oil-based formula. You can try that paint on the baseboard. We have already shown how to make hammered paint. You can easily make hammered paint by taking the help of that guideline.

Choose an open room for painting

It is really important to choose an open room for baseboard paint. Otherwise, you will be blocked with paint fumes that harm your health. Ventilation is important, so ensure you can open windows and doors while painting.

Wrap floor with plastic sheet

Buy a 4mm hard plastic sheet from the hardware store and lay the sheet on the floor. It won’t allow the paint to get to the floor. You should place it against the bottom of the baseboard.

Pour the Paint

Pour ¼ galling paint into the tray. When you pour them, ensure a depth of 1.9 cm. Use a stick to check the output color. If it is the desired color you want, then you can apply it to the baseboard.

Apply paint on the baseboard

Apply the paint stroke horizontally over the baseboard. Don’t apply it in multiple directions, just in a single direction. To prevent cole marks, paint the edges of previously painted areas before the paint dries.

Apply two coats over baseboard

Some ask how many coats should I apply overcoats? You should apply a minimum of two coats of paint from two different directions. You must dry the previous layer before applying the new thin layer. Then let it dry for at least 24 hours.

Pull off the tape and sheet

After two hours of coating, you can remove the tape and plastic sheet. Within this time, the paint will dry partially, and the layer will be suitable for removing the tape. Don’t rush while pulling them off. Remove them slowly.

Whatever paint you use, a water-based or oil-based paint, you have to follow the same procedures to paint. Oil-based paint generally takes more time to dry. In that case, you can wait 3-4 days until the baseboard will cure properly.

Do I Need to Prime The Baseboard Before Painting?

A baseboard is an item you can keep without painting if it is already primed. If you like the look of the baseboard after priming, you can keep it that way. No problem. But you can’t keep it without priming. And if the priming texture looks weird, you can paint on it. Whether you use paint on the baseboard or not, you need to prime the baseboard before installing. This will protect the baseboard.


Why is it recommended to paint baseboards before installing?

Painting baseboards before installing allows for easy application, speeds up the process, and provides better control over painting techniques. This approach ensures a neat finish without the risk of paint splattering on walls or floors during installation.

Can I use both water-based and oil-based paint on baseboards?

Yes, you can use either water-based or oil-based paint on baseboards, offering flexibility in choice. However, opting for oil-based paint, like hammered paint, is often recommended for its durability and professional finish.

Is priming necessary before painting baseboards?

Priming is essential before painting baseboards, whether you choose to keep the primed look or apply paint. Priming protects the baseboard, enhances the adhesion of paint, and contributes to the longevity of the painted finish, ensuring a well-maintained appearance.

Final Verdict

Obviously, suppose you are wondering whether you should paint baseboard before or after installing. In that case, we recommend applying paint before installing because it will fasten your job. Most paintings require preparation, paint selection, priming, and other things. We have cleared everything here. Hope you’ve enjoyed learning what preparations are required and how to paint the baseboards before installing.

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