Can You Paint Over Epoxy Primer?

Each paint manufacturer makes its own recommendations about the product and what you should and should not do with it. This is the paint that can tell you whether it applies to epoxy primer or not.

You have a question for us if you can paint over epoxy primer. Epoxy primer is an excellent sealant used by many painters. When experts suggest it, you can paint on epoxy primer. 

No doubt, epoxy primer helps you get a uniform finish. If you don’t know-how, you’ll get it soon. But to paint in this primer, you have to comply with some obligations. Otherwise, you will not get a Polish uniform finish. Then let’s move on to the main part without further ado.

What is Epoxy Primer?

We have a lot of new users and viewers, many of whom may not have a good idea about epoxy Primer. Do you know every detail of epoxy primer? If you don’t, then this part is beneficial to you because it is very important to have a pure basic idea about anything before using it. 

can you paint over epoxy primer

Do you know it is the first base coat recommended for bare steel? Epoxy primer is an airtight sealer that comes with a non-porous finish. It is considered the best choice for steel and also suitable for fibreglass, plastic and other surfaces. Most steel painters don’t think of a second choice rather than it.

It is well known for its durability, strong adhesion and good mechanical ability. It has an outstanding level of thickness and helps prevent corrosion. If you use it in your car, you can be sure of surface protection.

It is made with a balanced chemical composition of hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. It is a deep mechanical and chemical term. People don’t understand these mechanical topics easily. They believe in results. In terms of results, epoxy primer is an outstanding choice.

Difference Between Epoxy Primer and Regular Primer

What we use as a regular primer is a self-etching primer. Epoxy primer and self-etching primer has some differences. A small comparison helps you to easily understand their task and characteristics. 

Epoxy primer is catalyzed, and regular self-etching primer is solvent-based. Self-etching primer binds bare metal surfaces well and can be coated in a short time. Traditional prime plays a fast-forward role. On the other hand, epoxy primer can be applied to heavy coats that can be a guide coating and block sanded to eliminate minor imperfections on the body. It helps more to prevent corrosion and oxidation.

Epoxy primers also take more time to dry than a regular primer. You should not sand epoxy primer and only use fine sandpaper if you need to. 

Can You Paint Over Epoxy Primer?

If you read the above portions, you will get that this primer is a very good option for painting any surface, especially one of the best choices for metal and steel. So, obviously, they are excellent primers with proper thickness and adhesion properties. It will stick to bare metal, paints, primers and fillers. So, you can easily paint over it. 

Before painting over it, make sure the primer is fully dry. Epoxy primer does not have the fast-drying capability. It makes a huge difference between regular primer and epoxy primer. Manufacturer of epoxy primer announced to wait seven days to apply anything over it.

painting over epoxy primer

Do you get it? After applying it, you have to leave it to dry for a minimum of seven days. Until it fully cures or dries, you cannot paint over epoxy primer. It takes seven days to dry completely. Then you can apply a top coat, paint or whatever you are interested in. 

One week is not a short time. If you paint before this time, you won’t get a solid result. As far as we know, it is a seven-day window. If it is more than one week, we don’t know what to do. You should check the manufacturer once before you paint over epoxy primer. 

Besides, check here to know if you can paint over por 15.

Which Paint Can You Use Over Epoxy Primer?

You can use both oil and water-based paint over epoxy primer. The paint type won’t bother you. You can choose any brand whenever you want. We suggest choosing a brand smartly. The paint should stick or blend perfectly with the primer. If you buy both paint and primer from the same brands, it will give you the best result.

You also should be careful while choosing oil-based paint. Oil paints leave an amber hue in the primer. If you can use water-based paint instead of oil-based, then that will be a good decision.

Can You Use Epoxy Primer as A Sealer?

You can seal a surface using epoxy primer. It meets almost all the characteristics of a sealer. Even if you can apply sealer followed by epoxy primer, it can seal metal from water and air. Some want to mix this primer with a sealer. They asked us if they can mix sealer with epoxy primer

There is no reason for that question. Since epoxy primer comes with sealer characteristics, why would you want to mix it with another sealer? You don’t need to mix sealer with epoxy primer. 


Do I need to seal the epoxy primer?

A sealer is used for sealing the surface. Epoxy primer is a sealer itself. It contains most characteristics of a sealer. So, you don’t need to seal it.

Do I have to sand Epoxy Primer before top-coating?

No, epoxy can be top-coated without sand for four or five days. After this point, you need to detach the surface.

Will Latex Paint Stick To Epoxy Primer?

Without Amin Blush, epoxy will not adhere to almost any paint. Let the primer cure properly after wiping with warm water. The paintwork is perfect.

Is Epoxy Primer Waterproof?

Yes, it is waterproof. It won’t let water contact with metal. So, your car will be corrosion-free.


Choosing the best primer for car paint is very important. Epoxy primer is one of the best primers. Because there are so many types of color, it’s essential to choose the suitable primer for your needs. Since it is the right choice, you can paint over epoxy primer. To get better output, you also use better paint. So, you should check deep base vs medium base paint to get an idea about different colors.

Admit that it takes a little longer to dry. However, it is not possible to get the output from any other primer after drying well. 

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  1. What are your thoughts on doing body work directly on top of epoxy primer? Have heard guys say it can be done that way with no issues.

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