Flat Black Paint Vs Matte Black – What Is the Difference?

We have many colors to use on cars, bikes, furniture, and home decors. We measure many things when we apply them. What is the color? Which paint should I use? Should I use a base or primer? What does the finish look like? The last question is mainly asked while someone is painting their car. When it comes to black, we prefer flat black paint and matte black more.

flat black paint vs matte black

Black paints are classic and professional paint considered globally. And the finish of black paint has a huge impact on the full design. A finish is not only essential for colors but also ensures durability.

Now black colors are available in all types of finishes. Flat black and matte black are the most professional and popular ones. Here is the in-depth comparison of flat black paint vs matte black.

There are four types of color primarily used in cars. Black is the most popular of these colors and ranks third on the list of most famous automobile colors. Some luxurious motors have this color that looks outstanding. Especially when you see a car with matte black, you will love that automobile.

For example, just think about how many Roll-Royce and Limos are black. Even our favorite BMW comes in black color. And the night editions of those cars are marvelous in looks. In the UK, black was the most selling car. We get this statistic from a trusted source CarMax

There was a time people loved different colors in their cars. They love to add tattoos, painting, sticker wrapping, etc. Then, it had nothing to do with Henry Ford’s style because economics forced him to offer only one color option for the Model T in the early 20th century. 

Today also, most people add different colors and stickers to their cars. They can add all imaginable colors. But black is different, yet it is still one of the most popular options in the automotive world after white.

Which Black Color Should I Go with?

Black color has a versatile touch. It easily matches any color at any moment. It provides a proper background in every scenario. Besides the car, you may have seen many people use black paint with other colors. Some colors can produce a vibrant look with black. As a versatile color, black should match with every color, and they match. But some distinct colors contain a lovely finish. 

Here are those colors. 

  • Brown.
  • White.
  • Navy.
  • Stone Grey.
  • Emerald green. 
  • Purple.
  • Light Beige.

We have pointed out seven colors that easily pair with blacks. Black paints look outstanding between these colors because they have warm and cool tones. The key to creating a black color is maintaining the right balance when combining it with other colors. 

Each color has an exceptional tone with black. We know the black and white combination as a high-contrast color, whereas black and navy have an electric node. The stone grey provides a calm tone with black. Like them, some colors offer luxury, and some have a bold vibe.

These black color pairs look great in home decor, but cars look fantastic in matte or flat black. If you need to paint the car black, clear coat single stage paint. It will protect the color from rusting and damage.

Now, it is time to finish your car’s black color. Black is just painted, and the finish makes it more accurate to introduce its appearance. Here we talk about the black colour’s matt finish and flat finish.

What Is Flat Black Paint?

The flat black finish seems dull to many. It has no shine and no light reflection ability. Glossy black finishes look good and stand out easily overcrowded. In terms of hiding imperfections, glossy paints fail. In contrast, flat paint does not allow imperfections to fall in front of the eyes. We can’t say that it has zero gloss. We should say that a flat finish contains the least amount of gloss, almost 0 to 5%. 

Rust-Oleum latex flat black paint

You will see to use this finish mostly on walls. The walls are not smooth enough, and there is a maximum level of irregularities. So, we use a flat finish on the surface like walls, ceilings and other surfaces. It blends well with a glossy finish. You can apply it to cars also. If you don’t love the glossy finish, you can apply a flat finish on black paint. 

All imperfections and bumps on the walls and other surfaces will be hidden with a flat finish which is completely visible with a glossy finish.

Many famous brands have many exclusive flat black paints. Rust-Oleum is one of those brands. Their Rust-Oleum latex flat black paint is suitable to provide an excellent flat black finish on every surface.

Is Flat Black Finish the Same as Satin Black?

No, they are not the same. Some people ask this question because they think that since the satin finish and glossy finish are not the same, then satin and flat finish may be the same. For your kind of information, this is an entirely wrong idea. There is a massive difference between satin black and flat black finish. Where satin paint comes with a bright touch, flat paint is nothing. There are some differences in their durability, maintenance, pigment level, etc.

What Is Matte Black Paint?

Rust-Oleum Matte Black

We find that flat paint comes with the least amount of gloss. On the other hand, the matte finish contains 10% gloss. It is a little bit more glossy than flat paints. It is considered the car’s classic look. Matte finish has perfection. They pop out in luxury cars. The classy matte black looks very attractive in cars and bikes. 

The good thing is that a matte finish can also hide imperfections on the surface. It is entirely the opposite of a glossy finish.

Matte black absorbs light and reflects zero light. It provides more coverage than flat paint. Rust-Oleum Matte Black is one of the best automobile black paints you can try.

Comparison Between Matte Black Vs Flat Black Paint

The color scheme of the flat finish and matte finish is very close. However, they are close but not the same color and have some significant differences in looks and appearance. If you look at their configuration, you won’t find any vast percentage difference. In a practical scenario, this difference is enormous, and you can easily say which black is matte and which one is flat.

We hope you get a clear idea about the matte and flat finish. Now, you can easily connect to the comparison chart.

Matte BlackFlat Black
It has a 5 to 10% gloss rate.It has a 0 to 5% gloss rate.
Good for walls and best for automobiles.Good choice for ceilings and walls.
You can remove the scratch by rubbing.You cannot remove the scratch of flat paint.
It helps to cover bumps and imperfections.You can cover minor imperfections through it.

Advantages of Matte Black and Flat Black Paint

The pros and cons of matte black and flat black paint are the same as matte finish and flat finish. Here are the pros and cons of them in short.


  • They cover imperfections of the surface and application area.
  • Both are great colours for using different areas, from your house and the automobile.
  • You can easily touch up this finish.
  • Scrubbable versions ensure fast and easy cleaning.


  • They are hard to clean if you don’t have the scrubbable paint.
  • They hold dirt.


Is matte paint better than flat?

All types of paints are good in their range. Each type is made to fulfil different tasks. So, we cannot say matte paint is better than flat paint. We like both of the colors. If you ask us to choose paint for the car, we choose matte black paint

Why do builders use flat paint?

Builders use flat paint because it blends better with other paints. Flat paints are easy to fix, and builders don’t require to paint edge to edge.

What is Rust-Oleum matte clear used for?

The Rust-Oleum matte finish provides color protection against rust, corrosion, and chipping.

Is matte paint more expensive?

Matte paints are considerably more expensive to maintain. We don’t say the color is expensive. The maintenance process is costly. So, you will notice this paint in more luxurious and high-end vehicles.


Choosing a black paint between Flat Black Paint Vs Matte Black is confusing, yet it is full of fun if you can take it as fun. The choice ultimately boils down to personal preference and the intended application.

Whether you opt for the subtle elegance of a flat black finish or the slightly more pronounced sophistication of matte black, both offer distinct advantages. For a truly classic, no-gloss appearance, flat black is the go-to, concealing imperfections effortlessly. On the other hand, matte black, with its 5 to 10% gloss rate, provides a touch more sheen while maintaining a luxurious aesthetic.

Whichever you choose, these finishes offer versatile and durable solutions, ensuring your cars, bikes, furniture, or home decor make a statement in black.

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